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December 2016


Richard (Dick) Van BelzenWe are close to welcoming in 2017. And with it, the hopefulness of a new year and the planning and preparation that goes into it. We sense a strong level of optimism as we turn the corner into the New Year. There are certainly more conversations around how to increase growth than we saw in the prior two or three years.

Getting off to a good start and monitoring business indicators is sure to be high on your list. If you need support in this area, contact us to learn about our Advanced Management Consulting practice. We can help measure process and provide the ability to assess employee agreement over time with your established goals and assumptions. Additionally, we can help increase insight into barriers and unintended consequences. The key benefit of this process is that you get an earlier sense of buy-in vs. the delayed feedback typically received.

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Innovation Tool: Using the Technique of "Plussing"

In 2017, much of your time may be spent getting feedback from other managers, employees, customers and partners. We recommend using the discipline of plussing in your dialogue to help generate more insight, creativity and engagement.

Frequently used by Pixar Animation Studios, the California company that has now produced fourteen feature films that have won 27 Academy Awards, plussing is a method that helps ensure creativity is nurtured not negated. Rather than randomly critique a concept or shoot down an idea, the general rule is that you may only criticize an idea if you also add a constructive suggestion. Hence the name plussing.

As an example, a team member criticizes a new service/product being launched. You could follow with, "Okay, what if we could also offer…." or "How might we improve upon…?" in order to continue the conversation and work toward a solution.

Now it could get irritating if you string too many "ands" and "what ifs" together. But this method can make a huge difference by engaging a higher level of sharing and better understanding of a situation.

While most of us are in B2B, much can be learned from creators in other areas, like Pixar. Learn how Pixar transformed their criticizers into creators with the magic of plussing.

Green Light Process

The Green Light Process

The subjects are the same as the last century, but our clients now seek 21st century value-add from Northpoint. They expect to see the same digital innovation from us as they have seen in their own industries.

Introducing the Northpoint Advisors Green Light Process. Powered by Schellingpoint, this digital tool is helping us to lead the way with Advanced Management Consulting by providing insights and measuring points beyond that of traditional consulting. This process is recommended to be deployed to provide insights for mission critical initiatives of small to enterprise level companies. Having a better understanding enables leaders to effectively develop more successful strategies.

This process shows, on average, 167 opinions on an organization's goals, assumptions, issues and unintended consequences. Of these opinions, we've found the team/cross section of input to agree or fully align on 29, which is less than 20%. The Green Light Process, when effectively deployed, gains 90%+ alignment.

The benefits of this process are the ability to get more people involved, information captured in direct feed per person, and use of questions and techniques that minimize the distortion of input and interview bias.

Contact us to learn how the Green Light Process can help you to improve the outcome of initiatives, scale delivery with confidence and leverage new business models.

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2018 Strategic Planning

It begins now. We can help do the heavy lifting and landscape reviews in support of your annual planning cycle. Contact us to start the conversation.

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Meg Sofia

As Northpoint's Client Engagement Specialist, Meg is uniquely positioned to work with members of your team to assess any needs for management consulting or business support. She connects with current and new customers to help them finds ways to more effectively engage with Northpoint. Meg can be reached at

The Top 10 Coming Tech Trends, From Five Top Tech Investors

By Robert Hof for SiliconANGLE

Designers will succeed programmers as the kings of Silicon Valley, machines will become as smart as humans, and ambient computing will supplant smartphones in the next few years.

Those are three of the top 10 trends coming in technology, according to five venture capitalists who made their predictions Wednesday night at a local Silicon Valley institution. The Top 10 Tech Trends event has been held annually for the past 18 years by the Churchill Club, which hosts forums with tech's top executives, financiers, entrepreneurs, and thinkers. Read more.

Celebrate 2016

Before you dive into the New Year, make sure to take time to enjoy the holidays and celebrate successes achieved in 2016!

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